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With the publication of Secret Body in 2017, the exploratory and theoretical oeuvre is more or less complete. This body of work will now function as the foundation for my work in (and from) the future, which will be expressed primarily through a trilogy involving the history of science and paranormal currents in American culture. There are three basic

components to this trilogy project: (1) the trilogy itself, now contracted with The University of Chicago Press; (2) an archival project to ground, materially and historically, the trilogy and support the Department of Religion at Rice University; and (3) the Super Story Series at the Esalen Institute (discussed immediately below, in the following section of the website).


The Super Story is a poetic device designed to capture all of those emergent mythologies and mystical currents that have been developing over the last two centuries in conversation with the sciences, particularly (1) quantum physics, (2) evolutionary biology and (3) astronomy and cosmology. The trilogy will move through these three scientific complexes and explore the various ways that such sciences are radically altering our understanding of human nature and the cosmos and, alternatively, how they themselves are often secretly informed by the anomalous or paranormal experiences of the scientists themselves.


The Super Story trilogy will find its material, historical, and biographical base in an archival project that the Department of Religion and the Woodson Research Center of Rice University have undertaken together. Such a collection revolves around gnostic, esoteric, and mystical currents within American culture and history (hence “GEM”), including modern paranormal and ufological materials. This same collection will eventually serve as one of the bases of our GEM concentration within the Ph.D. and M.A. programs.

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